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The purpose of artistic activities is to activate or re-organize the process of expression, communication, or relating. The power and effects of art are put to harnessed here for the health and well-being of our members. 


The goal is to unleash the full artistic potential of our members and thus, within a fully artistic and exploratory context, to be inscribed in a societal and political framework when it comes to the recognition and inclusion of persons living with intellectual disabilities. Whether they are visual art or music, these are works that are performed by people who are unaffected by artistic culture and therefore creating raw art that comes from their very core.  


The artistic activities offered by PCM are open to the public in order to encourage friendships, and to generate genuine feelings of inclusion. 


  • Visual art workshops

  • Music workshop by Mohamed Ghoul

  • Living happily and healthily workshop

  • The Super Funny Ones theatre troupe

  • Bit of chitchat discussion workshop

  • Improvisation

  • Global flavours workshop

  • Adapted group cooking

  • Sponsored parties committee

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